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Shelter Volunteer Goes To Let Dogs Out And Finds Someone Unexpected

The Dodo 1/28/2022 Caitlin Jill Anders

© Whittney Jaques Whitney Jaques volunteers at South Ogden Animal Shelter and arrived one morning to take care of the dogs. She headed back to the kennels, expecting to see all of the familiar dog faces she knows so well — and instead, she saw a rooster.

“As I walked in, I saw him just chilling there like it was normal,” Jaques told The Dodo. “He just looked at me like, ‘And you are?’ … I was shocked and delighted! Never in all of my years of volunteering had I seen a rooster. It was especially funny that he was in a dog kennel with a bed. I just started laughing, and he just looked at me like I was crazy and then went about his business.”

Jaques had never come across this situation before and wasn’t quite sure what to do — but weirdly, she seemed to be the only one who was taken aback by it. Both the rooster and the dogs were acting like it was all completely normal.

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“The dogs were totally fine with him,” Jaques said. “They didn't even sniff at the kennel when I walked them past him. He either established his dominance or they just got used to him. The black dog had been around chickens before and was really good with them, so I think they became fast friends … He just had this regal presence about him, like he thought the dogs were his subjects. He did not like being picked up but didn't mind the dogs." Clearly, the rooster was used to being the leader of his pack, and the dogs just decided to go along with it.

Since all the animals were acting like this was a totally normal situation, Jaques followed suit and went about her volunteer duties as normal. Later, she messaged one of the shelter workers, who confirmed that the rooster was indeed supposed to be there. Even though the shelter doesn’t normally take in roosters, he was found as a stray, and they decided to help him out. Luckily, the rooster didn’t have to wait at the shelter for long. He was adopted by a sergeant at the local police department and is now living his best life. Not that he probably would have minded staying a while — he seemed to like being one of the dogs.

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